Enabling Faster Coordination for Vascular Care Teams

Vascular teams face a host of challenges that span the entire care pathway from diagnosis to treatment and beyond.

In this short ebook, we discuss how the Viz.ai platform addresses the following pain points to help these teams perform their jobs more efficiently and with less wasted effort:

  • Being alerted quickly about a potential pulmonary embolism or aortic dissection
  • Access to high-res images — anywhere, anytime
  • Care coordination and secure communication for multidisciplinary teams
  • Sharing patient information and imaging across hospitals
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About Viz.ai

Viz.ai is the leader in AI-driven intelligent care coordination. Viz.ai’s mission is to fundamentally improve how healthcare is delivered in the world, through intelligent software that promises to reduce time to treatment, improve access to care, and increase the speed of diffusion of medical innovation. Viz.ai’s clinically validated platform leverages advanced deep learning to communicate time-sensitive information to specialists who can more quickly and easily make treatment decisions for the patient.